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Mike Clinco: Blog


Posted on September 18, 2009

Category: Musical instrument repair

Here's my story:

In late May '07, I brought my Peavey Classic Chorus 212 amp(serial# 9A-04098175)to
The Amp Shop/Bass Exchange
13701 Venture Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 to be repaired.
.. ..
I wanted to use it for my Solo Project CD to be be recorded in late June '08. This gave them 4 weeks to do the repair.
It had a weird metallic buzz/distortion that was irregular for
an amplifier of that fidelity.
I use a similar one every Sunday@ Hope Lutheran Church in Hollywood for the Gospel Worship Service.

I paid their employee 100.00 (May 25, 2007) $65 repair down and a $35.00
rush fee.
I gave another employee my receipt(orange claim stub) and he misplaced it
and it was never found.
I went into the shop at least 25 times over the course of the 17 month repair.
They told me they would provide me with a work order but never did.

The guy that had the amp was Rich.
.. ..
He had the amp for 17 months. I would call him every 6 weeks or so to check on the progress of my amp. He would tell me that he was
working on the problem and just kept stringing me along with excuses and stories about what great repairman he was and how he was stumped by the noise that he could not identify.

On a number of occasions he told me my amp was repaired and guaranteed me delivery by a certain date...not true.

He also told me that he had to sent the amp out-of-state(July '08) to a repair shop in Texas. I never knew if he was telling the truth. 
He refused to divulge the whereabouts of the so-called repair shop.
I walked into the Amp Shop at the end of October '08 and saw my amp sitting w/ other amps.
 I asked Rich and another employee how long the amp had been in the shop.
No response!
I plugged in a guitar to check out the sound and the metalic buzz
was still present. Both guys witnessed me checking out the amp and could tell I was frustrated. All this and NOT FIXED!

They did not repair it and to make things worse, returned it w/ different knobs than the originals.
 The amp is approx. 23 years old and in perfect cosmetic condition.
They are collector/vintage amps unique in their design and personality.
This amp defines my tone. They are difficult to come by and show up on Ebay several times a year but most are in thrashed condition

The owner of the Amp Shop's name is Gary.

Gary doesn't think I deserve a refund ($100.00). 
 Richard assured me that he would refund the entire amount I had paid.
 I have a phone message from Rich stating that he would give me a full refund.

If anyone reads this, this is the absolute truth.
Mike Clinco

Please DO NOT patronize this store!!!

The Amp Shop/Bass Exchange
13701 Ventura  Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Phone 818-386-8500
Fax 818-817-9805