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Mike Clinco: Buy/Download

Trinom3 Just a Bit Further - CD

New CD from Trinom3, "Just a Bit Further" w/ John Van Tongeren(organ) Kendall Kay (drums) and Mike Clinco (guitars). Special guests include Walt Fowler (tpt and flugelhorn), Bob Sheppard (tenor) and Danny Pelfrey (saxophones).

Cellar Live

Trinom3 - Just A Bit Further

Neon Mike Clinco - CD

Bob Sheppard, Jimmy Branly, Darek Oles, Jimmy Johnson and Walt Fowler join Mike Clinco performing 8 of his original compositions and one Henry Mancini cover. 

Here are the pdf files from my CD "Neon"

Feel free to download and copy them. If you record any of my tunes, please check with the Harry Fox Agency and email me.

The Rest Will Follow
Beaten Paths
X Cue Says

Guitar Lessons(email)

1. The student sends me(email) an outline of what their musical/guitar goals are and an .mp3 audio file(s) playing 2 tunes. They may be of any genre. If I feel that I can help...
2. I determine the things that I'm not hearing in their playing and design a program that works on weaknesses and focuses on goals.
3. Lessons are done on a timeline. Every 2 weeks, I will send an audio file with instructions and a .pdf file. To maintain progress and continuity, we need to stay on a schedule.
4. Lessons are paid upfront (min.of 2 at a time, p/month). Each lesson is $50.00...
Please email me with any questions you might have-

Download JAZZ GUITAR TALK - It's Free!!
Great players discuss what it takes to be great!

Ten of the world's finest jazz guitarists openly talk about what it takes to truly rise to the top of the jazz guitar tree. They discuss jazz education, practice routines and offer personal philosophies that enabled them to master their instrument. Pat Martino, Steve Khan, Jack Wilkins, Richard Smith, Sid Jacobs, Mike Clinco, Pat Kelley, Jeff Richman, Henry Johnson, Mark Stefani and Larry Koonse all reveal what it took for them to become some of the best jazz guitarists of our time. Click on the image to download the file.